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May 2014 New Advocate Training

by Michelle on May 13, 2014

The below workshops are open to all WHBW members. The full 20 hours of training are required for new direct service workers to earn Vermont “Victim and Crisis Worker Privilege.” New non-direct service volunteers need only to attend Orientation. Contact Michelle Hough, to RSVP. We would love to have you join us!



Wednesday, May 14th 5:15-8:30

Staff Meet and Greet [5:15-5:30pm]

Event Fundraising and Development Volunteer Opportunities[5:30 to 6:00pm]
Facilitator Michelle Hough will discuss our agency’s funding sources as well as special events and volunteer opportunities.

D.V. 101 [6:00-8:30pm]
WHBW’s Education Program – Facilitator Emily Fredette will help us to better understand what domestic violence means in our society. Learn about the DV Power and Control Wheel and what the cycles of abuse are. Explore the myths and cultural context of domestic violence.

Saturday, May 17th 8:30-5
Culturally Competent Advocacy [8:30-9:30]

Facilitator Emily Fredette will assist the group to become more conscious of their own cultural belief systems or personal view of the world. Learn about the New American and Refugee communities in Vermont and our agencies’ barriers in providing ser700vice to our diverse neighbors.
WHBW’s Children and Youth Program [9:30-12]

Facilitator Ikey Spear will discuss our Children and Youth Program and services provided for children whose lives have been affected by domestic violence as well as best practice approaches for supporting their healing process. Learn how our playgroups are structured to employ the tools of creative play, crafts, drama, and games to address the issues of violence, feelings identification and expression, problem solving skills and safety issues.

Lunch will be provided. Feel free to bring a lunch or step out as needed [12-12:30]

WHBW’s Economic Justice Program (EJP) [12:30-1:30]

Facilitators, Janice Santiago and Liane Duda will discuss employment readiness, financial advocacy, Sophie’s Place and their roles as advocates. Followed by a revolutionary community education tool called “In Her Shoes.” Participants move, do, think, and experience the lives of abuse survivors through this eye-opening training.

In Her Shoes: Living with Domestic Violence [1:30-3:00pm]

WHBW’s Emergency Housing Program [3:00-5:00pm]
Facilitators Kim Thevenet and Gina Ruth will discuss the importance of confidentiality, emotional support and a positive attitude when volunteering within shelter and SafeHome.

Sunday, May 18th 8:30-5pm
SafeSpace/RU12? – Intimate Partner Screening Tool [8:30-10:30am] (pending)
Facilitator Jean Sienkewicz will discuss an Intimate Partner Screening Tool that was created to assist service providers in determining who is the perpetrator and who is the victim in LGBTQ relationships where abuse exists. Distinction between acts of abuse and self-defense can be confusing and determining the perpetrator and victim can at first appear difficult. In order to avoid being misled, a thorough screening is necessary to fully explore the dynamics of the relationship with an eye to common manifestations of batterer and victim behavior. This workshop will also be a safe space to talk about the complexities that are sometimes presented and all questions should be presented.

Advocacy, Healthy Boundaries, and Self Care [10:45-12:00pm]
Facilitator Emily Fredette and Michelle Hough will lead a circle discussion on how to seek out and refine your own “personal style” of processing the negative impacts and triggers that go hand-in-hand with our work. Learn to become more emotionally supportive of yourself and others to help avoid burnout or depression. Also learn some helpful tips of providing advocacy when working with survivors. Focus on healing, safety and support.

Lunch will be provided. Feel free to bring lunch or step out as needed. [12-1pm]

Sexual Violence as it relates to Intimate Partner Violence [1-3:00pm]
Facilitator Jeanne Kaczka-Valliere, Educator at HOPE Works, will educate us on sexual violence. Tom will help us in understanding how to best work with survivors of sexual violence. Take a walk in a survivor’s shoes with his powerful activity.

Intimate Partner Violence and Co-Occurring Disorders: Mental Health and Substance Abuse [4:00-5:00pm]
Facilitator Kim Thevenet will explore advocating strategies that will help increase understanding of key issues in the area of substance abuse and mental health as they relate to intimate partner violence. She will outline WHBW’s policies and protocol with suicide threats and substance abuse while on hotline or in shelter.

WHBW’s Legal Advocacy Program (LAP) [3:00-4:00pm]
Facilitator Elyssa Boisselle will discuss our LAP and her role at WHBW. She will outline our services as well as discuss the Criminal Justice System in Chittenden County.

SatW Survey partners




Janice Santiago, Safe at Work Network Coordinator, Employment Advocate

802-658-3131 Ext. 1068


Safe At Work Network to Announce Results

of Vermont’s First ‘Domestic Violence in the Workplace’ Survey.

Announcement set for Monday, January 27, 2014, 10:00 am

Women Helping Battered Women, 294 North Winooski Avenue, Burlington.


Over the past few months in Vermont, domestic violence has affected the workplaces of many victims of domestic abuse.

To better understand the impact of domestic violence on workplace productivity in Chittenden County, the Safe at Work Network enlisted the support of St. Michael’s College and Church Street Marketplace to produce a survey of 85 Chittenden County businesses and organizations.

The three organizations were guided by the 2013 recommendations from the Governor’s Task Force on the Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence.

Professor Vince Bolduc of St. Michael’s College Department of Sociology and Anthropology and Center for Social Science Research, supervised 22 undergraduate students who researched, developed and executed the survey.  Professor Bolduc conducts a respected survey of businesses for the Vermont Business Roundtable.

As the first survey of Vermont employers, the process and questions can be adapted and used in other counties and regions of Vermont.   The Safe at Work Network’s goal is to strengthen knowledge of and response to domestic violence in the workplace, in turn helping create safer and more profitable businesses.

The Safe at Work Network was created in 2013 by Women Helping Battered Women as a preventive and proactive strategy for building a stronger community. By talking to employers about the impact of domestic violence in the workplace, encouraging businesses to add domestic violence policies to their personnel policies, and training staff about domestic violence, we are creating stronger, safer, more economically stable employment opportunities for victims of domestic violence.  Currently, ten Chittenden County businesses and organizations have joined the Safe at Work Network.





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Men’s Survivor Support Group

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